We Had Fun and Fellowship on the Farm

Fellowship on the Farm – Thursday, May 17

See photos from the event at Rotary Club of Greensboro FaceBook page, and while you are there, like the page if you have not done so already.

Winners of the Regular Raffle Drawings

  • The North Carolina resort trip, to be customized by Weezie Glascock, was won by Mark Mortensen.
  • The winner of the National Parks trip, also to be customized by Weezie Glascock, was won by Jen Prprich. This was by far the most popular choice for the raffle prizes.
  • And, the winner of the John Hardy suite of jewelry, made possible by Schiffman’s, was won by Jim Rucker.

Winners of the Interval Drawings During the Reverse Raffle

  • 1st Ticket Drawn for $300 was Jen Prprich!
  • 50th Ticket Drawn for $200 was Dan Martin!

Reverse Raffle Grand Prize Winners
As the first time trying the Reverse Raffle as a part of our fundraising efforts, we did not meet our sales goal, but we far exceeded the fun goal! Daniel Crupi and WGHP FOX8’s Kate Garner did an excellent job of calling out the losers and needling them to buy second chances. All told we raised $9325 in Reverse Raffle sales, with 40%, or $3730 being available for the winner(s). In the end, the final two ticket holders agreed to split the pot. They were Eric Perdew and Jen Prprich.

You may be thinking to yourself, who is this Jen Prprich? Yes, she is lucky! She is fortunate to have recently joined our Rotary Club recently and we are fortunate to have her energy and excitement for being a Rotarian. In her first year as a Rotarian with us, she has also attended RLI – Rotary Leadership Institute and the District 7690 Annual Conference.

Again, check out all the photos on FaceBook at https://www.facebook.com/greensbororotary/

More details are forthcoming once we tally all the numbers. If you have not met your $300 annual obligation yet, please send it in as soon as possible. At this point, the best option is a charitable contribution to the Rotary Club of Greensboro Foundation.  Mail the check to the Rotary Office at 330 S. Greene St., Ste 304, Greensboro, NC  27401.  Together we can make a difference!