Veterans of the Rotary Club of Greensboro

Thank you for your service.

Fred Andresen, U. S. Navy
Gerald Austin, U. S. Navy
Lacy Baynes, U. S. Army
Dave Blackman, U. S. Army Reserve
Ford Bowers, U. S. Navy
Don Brady, U. S. Army
Walter “Sticky” Burch*, U. S. Army Air Force
Tom Cochran*^, U. S. Army Air Force, U. S. Air Force
Ben Collins*^, U. S. Army Air Force
Warren Corgan+, U. S. Navy
Nate Cross, U. S. Army
Doug Curtis, U. S. Army
Bob Edmunds, U. S. Navy

John Englar, U. S. Army Reserve
Peyton Fairbank, U.S. Army
E. O. Ferrell, U. S. Army
Joel Funkerburk^, U. S. Army
Hunter Galloway, U. S. Army
Chip Hagan, U. S. Navy
Sherrill Hall+, U. S. Army
Pat Haywood, U. S. Navy
Clyde Hunt, U. S. Marine Corps
Paul Jones, U. S. Army
Ken Keller, U. S. Army
John Krege, U. S. Air Force
Bob Kriegsman, U. S. Navy
Gary Lee, U. S. Army Medical Corp.
Paul Leonard, U. S. Air Force
Glenn Lesley^, U. S. Army
Fred Lopp, U. S. Navy Reserve
Dave Lumpkin, U. S. Navy
Bud Matthews, U. S. Army, National Guard Reserve
Bernie Mann, U. S. Air Force Reserve
David Moff, U. S. Army Reserve
Larry Moore, U. S. Navy
Bob Newton, U. S. Air Force
Gary Nixon, U. S. Army
David Parker, U. S. Army Reserve
Jason Peloquin, U.S. Army
Wade Phillips*^, U. S. Navy
Jim Ray, U. S. Navy
John Redhead, U. S. Air Force Reserve
Fred Reinecke^, U. S. Navy
Lewis Ritchie, U. S. Army Reserve
George Robison, U. S. Army
John Rosser, U. S. Army
Walker Rucker*^, U. S. Army Air Force
Jerry Ruskin, U. S. Air Force
John Sherrill, U. S. Army
Irwin Smallwood*^, U. S. Navy
Gary Stasco, U.S. Navy
Bob Stickley, U. S. Air Force
Gary Taft, U. S. Army
Harrison Turner, U. S. Air Force
Robin Tyler, U. S. Navy Reserve
Terry Weatherford, U. S. Army
Buddy Weill*^+, U. S. Army
Myron White, U. S. Army
Bob Wicker, U.S. Army
Ron Wilson, U. S. Army
Charlie Younce, U. S. Marine Corps

*denotes service during WWII
^Honorary member of the Rotary Club of Greensboro
+Recently deceased

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Greensboro Rotary Veterans Photo Gallery

Paul Jones
Bob Edmunds
Hunter Galloway
Larry Moore
Don Brady
Charlie Younce
Peyton Fairbank
Terry Weatherford
John Krege
Jason Peloquin
Myron White
Chip Hagan
Gary Nixon
Ford Bowers and wife Tara
David Moff