Benches and Brews

On Saturday, June 8, Rotarians gathered to put together 23 benches that will be inside and around the Joseph M. Bryan Carousel House, the future home of the Rotary Club of Greensboro Carousel. After all benches were assembled, volunteers gathered around for a well-deserved ice-cold beer.

Thanks to the following volunteers: Vicki and Bobby Bain, Steve Billings, Pam Cash, Teresa Class, John Englar, Dan Haley, Orton Jones, John Krege, Al Lineberry, Larry Moore, Bob Newton, Gary Nixon, Eric Perdew, Kim Record, John Redmond, John Rosser, Gary Stasco, Mike Stipanov, and Randy White.

In addition, Gary Brown, who has been serving as the Carousel project manager, and John Futrell, who has provided landscaping services were also lending helping hands.

A special thank you to Don Brady for sponsoring the beer and water; and to John Englar for organizing the volunteers.