Angel Flight Team Pilot Flies Prostate Cancer Patient – Mission #301

Contributed by Warren Ludlam

Greensboro Rotary’s Angel Flight team continues helping those in need with its free air transportation to special medical appointments. Our pilots volunteer to fly cancer patients, surgery patients, transplant recipients, organ donors, burn survivor children, kidney patients, and others dealing with chronic health issues at no charge.

The team is proud to announce that Jon Wells, one of our long-time volunteer pilots, accomplished an incredible personal feat in completing his 301st Angel Flight mission – recently flying Kevin, an advanced prostate cancer patient, to his treatment. Jon has unselfishly been helping fly those in need for eighteen years, having started with the Angel Flight West regional organization in California before moving to North Carolina. He said he couldn’t have reached mission #301 without the important financial backing for the fuel provided by Greensboro Rotary. Thanks, Jon, for all you have done and continue to do in assisting sick people with air transportation in your plane at no charge.

Our team’s fuel is funded by the Greensboro Rotary Club Foundation, enabling us to fly volunteer Angel Flight missions. The flights benefit chronically-ill children, adults, and military veterans/active soldiers by providing free air transportation to and from their special medical treatments and for reasons of compassion. Additionally, the team flies emergency supplies during natural disasters.

Our pilots donate their time and private planes to assist those in need at no cost and on an unlimited basis. Club members, their families, or friends needing flight assistance are encouraged to direct referrals to team manager Warren Ludlam at or (336) 253-3994.