The Rotary Carousel Wall of Honor

The Rotary Club of Greensboro Carousel
Wall of Honor

(as of 9/9/2020)

Liberty Oak Society

Thanks to these benefactors of more than $100,000

Mary Gay and Don Brady
Joseph M. Bryan Foundation
City of Greensboro
Greensboro Council of Garden Clubs
Bobbie and Bernie Mann
Donna and Bob Newton
Rotary Club of Greensboro
Samet Corporation
Katherine and Mike Weaver
Charles L. “Buddy” Weill, Jr.

O.Henry Society

Thanks to these benefactors of $50,000 -$99,999

Edward M. Armfield, Sr. Foundation
BB&T Charitable Fund
Bell House, Inc.
Patty and Gary Brown
The Stanley and Dorothy Frank Family Foundation
Hughlene and Bill Frank
Lynn and Mike Haley and Family
Dina and Burney Jennings
Sally and David Kuratnick
Sylvia and Norman Samet
Schiffman’s Jewelers

Thanks to these benefactors of $20,000 -$49,999

Sylvia and Mike Berkelhammer
Blue Bell Foundation
Frank Brenner
Joseph M.  Bryan, Jr.
Roy Carroll Family Foundation
Debra and Stephen Cobb
Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro
The Robert C. Cone Family
Cone Mills Charitable Fund
Linda and John Englar
Carol and Stuart Fountain
Greensboro Grasshoppers
Greensboro Area Convention and Visitors Bureau
Cam and Margaret Ann Hall Foundation
Doris Egerton Kiser
Wendy and Bill Korb
Jeanne Miles
NC State Athletics
Neese Country Sausage, Inc.
North Carolina A&T State University
Carolyn and Harold O’Tuel
Christie Ownbey and Wade Jurney, Jr.
Peggy and Lewis Ritchie
Melinda and Jim Rucker
Smith Family Foundation
Carole and John Snider
Mamie and John H. Snider
Barbara and Tom Somerville
UNC Greensboro

Thanks to these benefactors of $10,000 -$19,999

Carol and Fred Andresen
Jackie and Steve Bell
Janie and Tim Burnett
Central Carolina Concrete
Charles Aris, Inc.
Clem and Hayes Clement
Susan and Vic Cochran
Kathleen Kelly and George Hoyle
Cone Health
Cathy and Ray Covington
Kathryn K. and Daniel C. Craft Family
Laura and Adam Duggins
First Citizens Bank
Four Seasons Civitans
John Futrell
Marilyn and Edward Gideon
Jane and Gary Rosen Grandon
Greensboro Beautiful, Inc.
Greensboro Science Center
Guilford Merchants Association/FirstPoint Foundation Fund
The Kevin J. Guthrie Family
Nancy and Bernard Gutterman Family Fund
Pam and Steve Hassenfelt
Bynum Hunter, Jr.
Betsy and Joe Johnston
Sharon and Reed
Marcia and Orton Jones
Kathy Manning and Randall Kaplan
Trudy and John Krege
Ginni and Al Lineberry
Misty M. McCall
Susan and E. S. (Jim) Melvin
Ken Miller
Peg and Skip Moore
M. G. Newell Corporation
Shirley and Gary Nixon
The Nussbaum Center for Entrepreneurship
Jean and Rene Plante
Libby and Rick Ramsey
Elizabeth and Matthew Rankin
Pat and Jim Reittinger
Lori and Tyler Richardson
Mary Lynn Richardson Fund
Susan and Freddy Robinson
Marty and John F. Rosser, Jr.
Jim Schlosser
Debra and James “Smitty” Smith
Katherine G. Stern
William A. Stern Foundation
The Strasser Family
Ellen and Gary Taft
Stanley and Phyllis Shavitz Family Fund
Joyce and Bob Shuman
Margaret and Don White

Thanks to these benefactors of $5,000 -$9,999

Bobby  Bain
Bain Oil Company, Inc.
Nancy Balderacchi
Kate R. Barrett
Pam and Alex Barrett
Barbara and David Blackman
James Brooks
Lisa and Willie Bullock
Walter A. Burch
Shirley and George Carr
Causey Aviation
The Cemala Foundation
Betty and Warren Corgan
Elevate Textiles
Mary Kate Brady and Daniel P. Farley
Paula and E.O. Ferrell
Sue and Jorman “Butch” Fields
Forbis & Dick Funeral Service, Inc.
Rachel and Doug Galyon
Goodwill Industries of Central NC
Guilford Technical Community College
Lori and Byron Haddock
Martha and Sherrill Hall
Hillsdale Fund Inc.
Jane and Jim Kirkpatrick
Katharine and Jay Kirkpatrick
Kiwanis Club of Greensboro
Candy and Bud Matthews
Victoria and Ron Milstein
O.Henry Hotel
Nancy and Carey Pahel
Judy Piper
Mary Norris Preyer Fund
Norris and Kathryn Preyer Fund
The Donna and Donald Pulitzer Family
Robert Rapp
Replacements, Ltd.
The Rucker Family
Luke Schamberger Foundation
Margaret Schenck
Laura and Brett Schulman
Kevin Shoffner
Linda and Tom Sloan
Linda and Mike Solomon
Shirley Spears
Vicki Steck
The Robert B. Taylor III Foundation
Laurie and Billy Tesh
Timmons Group
Amy and Su Wooi Teoh
Susan and Larry Tysinger
Faye and Ed Welch
Jeanne and Mark Whitley
The Judy and Bob Wicker Family
Betty and Charles Younce

Thanks to these benefactors of $1,000 -$4,999

1618 On Location
Rose and Victor Ackerman
Jaimie and Carl C. Ashby
American Premium Beverage
Sonja and H. Allen Andrew
Mary Ed and Robert G. Banner
R H Barringer Dist. Co., Inc.
Lena and Lacy Baynes
Bill Black Chevrolet Cadillac, Inc.
Derry and Harden Blackwell
Tara and Ford Bowers
Joseph Brady
Nancy and David Bray
Tina Akers Brown
Claudia Cannady
Anne and Steve Carlson
Carlson Family Fund
Pamela Reeves Cash
Martha and John Chandler
Jean and Doug Copeland
Donna Dailey
Pete Davenport
Robert L. Dickson
Janet A. Donahue
ECS Southeast
Robert Edmunds, Jr.
Sherry Freeman
Deborah Friedman
Shirley and Henry Frye
Howard Gaither
Gate City Rotary
Weezie and Luke Glascock
Laura and Robert Green
Sandra and Kenny Greene
Joann and David Grimes
Peggy and David Hamilton
Patrice Hinnant
Morgan and Jack Horner
Betsey and David Horth
Clyde Hunt
Laura and Alan Irvin
Mary Elizabeth and Charles Irvin, Jr.
Alicia and David Irvin
Jennifer and Mathew Johnson
Sandra and Louis Jones
Punky and Ken Keller
Afrique I. and C. Vickie Kilimanjaro
Von and Houston Kimbrough
Rascha and Bob Kreigsman
Phyllis and Jay Lambeth
The Jerry Lawson Family
Greg Loflin
Fred Lopp
Bunny and David Moff
Larry I. Moore
Maddie, Sarah, Jake and JJ Moore
Deb and Sid Morris
Cindy and Don Murinson
New Garden Friends Meeting
Millie, Austin and Bella Newton
April and David Parker
Piedmont Trust Company Board
Maryann and Joseph Plante
Mary and Bob Plybon
Barbara Pomer and Ed Green
Mary Norris Preyer and Pat Oglesby
Ann Trueblood Raper
Wendy and David Rapp
Katie and John Redhead
Ellen and John Redmond
Elizabeth and Fred Reinecke
Richardson Corporation Board
Richardson Properties
Grace Jones Richardson Testamentary Trust
Anne and Bob Rodman
Rotary District 7690
Marnie and Jerry Ruskin
Alexander (Sandy) Schenck
Leigh and Carl Seager
Sally and John Sherrill
Susan and Brad Shumaker
Sandy and Jim Smith
Barbara and Paul Stewart
Sara and Taylor Stroud
Dennis Langley Torney
Pat and Sandy Vreeland
Robert Wainer
Ashley and Jonathan Wall
Joe Ann and Terry L. Weatherford
Mary Anne and Joseph Weiss
Anne and Mark Yarbrough