In accordance with the Rotary Club of Greensboro Foundation, Inc. Donations Committee Policy, an important way in which the “Service” aspect of the Rotary Club of Greensboro (Club) is carried out is by providing financial support to carefully selected local, national, and inter­national programs and projects. Fund‐raising to provide financial support for these programs should be a by‐product of certain fellowship activities and direct solicitation of club members for voluntary contributions. A key considera­tion for grant approval will be club members’ involvement in and advocacy for the project.

      Criteria for Project Submission:

  1. Only a member of the Rotary Club of Greensboro in good standing may submit a grant request.
  2. Only one request per club member annually.
  3. The Club member proposing the request must be currently or previously actively involved (please describe) with the proposed recipient and with the work or project being proposed.
  4. Grants shall be made directly for charitable, religious, testing for public safety, prevention of cruelty to animals, scientific, literary or educational purposes within the meaning of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code or to organizations duly authorized to carry on such purposes. In addition, grants will also be considered for Rotary International projects that include RI areas of focus such as growing local economies (i.e., please see the current list Rotary.org/en/our-causes) and providing support for natural disasters.
  5. No grants will be made to sponsor fundraising events.
  6. Grant recipients may be requested to make a presentation to the Club membership.
  7. Grant requests will be considered by the Donations Committee at their next scheduled meeting. These are normally held each in January, May and September.
  8. The committee will present recommended requests to the Greensboro Rotary Club’s board for final approval and applicants will be notified shortly thereafter. We request that grantees send the Donations Committee a one-page report on the outcome and results of the funded project no later than 12 months after receiving funding.

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