Exemplary Engagement in Rotary

Last year, the Greensboro Rotary Board of Directors changed the attendance policy. Based on the belief that attending meetings is an opportunity, not an obligation, a program for Engagement Points was developed. Read more about this on the Engagement page.

The new “Perfect Attendance” is “Perfect Engagement.” It requires 48 touch points throughout the year. These can be earned by attending club meeting or participating in a club service project and other Rotary related events.

In June of 2018, the Perfect Attendance award was officially named The Tom Cochran Perfect Attendance Award. At that time, Tom had attended the Rotary Club of Greensboro for 68 years with perfect attendance. In recognition of his tireless devotion, Tom was granted “Lifetime Perfect Attendance” such that whether he was present in person or in spirit, he is marked present for all club meetings. It is in Tom’s honor that today we recognize current Rotarians with The Tom Cochran Perfect Attendance Awards.

Under the new criteria, Tom made it to 70.5 years. He passed away in November of 2020. He was 100 years old.


Number of Years of Perfect Attendance Rotarians
1 Mike Aiken, Warren Ludlam, Mark Mortensen, Pat Haywood, D.J. O’Brien, Chris Stanley, and Patrice Hinnant
2 Ford Bowers, Dave Lumpkin, Gary Stasco, Myron White
3 Phil Jessar, Bob Sawyer
4 John Englar, Gary Grandon
7 Bobby Bain, John Rosser
9 Jeanne Tannenbaum, Lori Haddock
12 Orton Jones
15 Brett Weathersbee
16 Carl Ashby
21 Judy Peters
24 Paula Fowler
27 Paul Jones
29 Jay Lambeth
39 Hunter Galloway