A Heartfelt Thank You

Dear Rotary Club of Greensboro,

Thank you for the incredible opportunity to study global cooperation and security in Birmingham, England! During my scholarship year, I was able to learn about East Asian security in Delhi, India, diplomatic communication in Amman, Jordan, and take classes on mediation and international security alongside Ministers and government officials from around the world. You have truly transformed my life.

In June, I will start a graduate fellowship with the National Nuclear Security Administration in DC, working on defense programs that support the US commitment to nonproliferation and safety.

I am tremendously grateful for the gift of Rotary.

With warmest regards,

Brittany Atkinson
Rotary Global Scholar, 2015-16

Graduation Day: MSc in Global Cooperation and Security from the University of Birmingham
Last day working for Ambassador Barzun at the US Embassy; awarded a personalized coin for exemplary performance.
Trip to Taj Mahal during course on East Asian Security hosted at the University of Delhi.