Victory Junction Sickle Cell Campers Take Angel Flight

Warren Ludlam, Contributor

The Greensboro Rotary/Angel Flight team, supported by the club’s Foundation which covers fuel used to fly its missions, continues to volunteer in helping fly cancer patients, burn survivor children, kidney transplant patients, organ donors, tumor patients, and others dealing with chronic health issues at no charge.

Rotarian and Angel Flight Pilot Eric Perdew

Recently, Eric Perdew, one of our Rotary/Angel Flight volunteer pilots, and outgoing Greensboro Rotary president Larry Moore flew Jaedyn and Jahiem, both sickle cell patients, to their South Carolina homes in Georgetown and then to Charleston. The teens had enjoyed a free week of summer fun at the nearby Richard Petty family’s Victory Junction Camp during Sickle Cell Week for young patients dealing with this debilitating disease. The flight enabled them to return home without long, uncomfortable drives.

Donations from the Greensboro Rotary Club Foundation are used by our volunteer pilot team to provide the fuel for their private planes flown on Angel Flight missions, enabling them to aid people in need through our club’s support and community service.  The flights benefit chronically ill children, adults, and military veterans by making available free air transportation to/from their specialized medical appointments and for reasons of compassion. Club members wishing to experience one of our Angel Flight missions are invited to fly along by contacting Eric Perdew or Warren Ludlam.