The “Tom Cochran Perfect Attendance Award” Presented to 22 Rotarians

Tom Cochran, Lifetime Perfect Attendance Honoree

Judy Peters, Contributor

In June of 2018, the Perfect Attendance award was officially named the “Tom Cochran Perfect Attendance Award.” At that time, Tom had attended the Rotary Club of Greensboro for 68 years with perfect attendance. In recognition of his tireless devotion, Tom was granted “Lifetime Perfect Attendance,” such that whether he was present in person or in spirit, he is marked present for all club meetings. You will note that on the sign-in sheet at the podium, there is a permanent checkmark beside his name. It is in Tom’s honor that today we recognize current Rotarians with The Tom Cochran Perfect Attendance Awards for the 2018-19 Rotary year.

  • 1 year: Paula Fowler, John Englar, Gary Grandon, Warren Ludlam, and Carey Pahel
  • 3 years: Larry Moore and Eric Perdew
  • 5 years: Bobby Bain, Pat Vreeland, and John Rosser
  • 6 years: Jeanne Tannenbaum and Lori Haddock
  • 9 years: Orton Jones and Jerry Ruskin
  • 12 years: Brett Weathersbee
  • 13 years: Carl Ashby
  • 18 years: Judy Peters
  • 19 years: Steve Warren
  • 21 years: Bill Frank (posthumously)
  • 26 years: Jay Lambeth
  • 37 years: Hunter Galloway
  • 69 years: Tom Cochran

In addition, the following new members of less than one year have had perfect attendance: Teresa Class, Dan Haley, and Phil Jessar.

As a reminder, you get out of something what you put into it. Attendance is important in being engaged in the club. Perfect Attendance does not mean that you have to be at every club meeting either. There are plenty of opportunities to make up meetings. Visit the Meeting Makeup Page to find out more.