Serve to Change Lives – Rotarian of the Year Recognized

The 2021-22 Rotary theme of Serve to Change Lives has never been more true. Under the outstanding leadership and guidance of Rotarian Mike Aiken, the Rotary Club of Greensboro sponsored an Afghan Resettlement Family, initially through Church World Services (CWS) but now independently.  The family of seven includes five children under the age of 10.  Mike’s team is a terrific group of volunteers who together with Mike are helping this young family become acclimated to living in the United States.

Watercolor image of the 2021-22 Rotary theme, Serve to Change Lives.

Mike and his team are working hard to reach the end goal for the family, which is to make sure that they are independently capable of leading successful and prosperous lives in their new hometown.  Some of the services that Mike and the group have provided toward this end goal include helping equip them and their home with cell phones/cell service, washer and dryer, a TV a volunteer installed, a sewing machine and fabric for the mother, lessons on using the equipment, clothes and shoes, bikes, toys, bedding, kitchen accessories, etc.  Volunteers have also assisted with transportation to medical and dental appointments, grocery stores with special halal foods, and other places such as the children’s schools.  The father was helped to secure a job, and both parents have been taught to use the bus system. Additionally, the father been coached to understand and navigate their financial situation. The list goes on and on.  Just imagine what it takes to move to and settle in to a new country and learn a new language and customs starting with almost nothing!

In recognition of the tireless leadership and huge effort Mike has provided, Past President Pat Haywood recognized Mike with the Joseph M. Bryan Rotarian of the Year Award. The recognition also comes with an additional Paul Harris Fellow Recognition for Mike sponsored by the Bryan Foundation. These recognitions are well deserved, as Mike is his team’s very best volunteer.

All great things, however, are done by more than one individual. In recognition of the entire volunteer and support team, those who have of time, talents and treasure, Past President Pat presented each person with a watercolor print of the Serving to Changes Lives image.

Afghan Family Resettlement Volunteers and Donors

President Pat Haywood, 2021-22, presenting Mike Aiken with the Joseph M. Bryan Rotarian of the Year Award.
  • Catherine Aiken
  • Mike Aiden
  • Margaret Arbuckle
  • Carl Ashby
  • Gerald Austin
  • David Bray
  • Pam Cash
  • Teresa Class
  • Nancy Doll
  • John Englar
  • Linda Englar
  • E.O. Ferrell
  • Chris Gorham
  • Gary Graham
  • Gary Grandon
  • Pat Haywood
  • Jim Himes
  • Paul Jones
  • Robert Kantlehner
  • Ken Keller
  • Al Lineberry
  • Oscar Lopez
  • Fred Lopp
  • Brian MacKenzie
  • Bob Newton
  • Carey Pahel
  • Chris Raymer
  • Jerry Ruskin
  • Susan Shumaker
  • Jeanne Tannenbaum
  • Pat Vreeland
  • Jon Wall
  • Laura Way
  • Myron White
  • Bob Wicker
  • David Zinn
  • Cone Health Foundation
  • Dr. Steve Hatcher and Triad Dentistry