Perfect Attendance — It’s a Thing!

The 2019-20 Tom Cochran Perfect Attendance Awards

At the August 5th meeting of the club, Immediate Past President Sam presented awards to the following individuals.

1  year of perfect attendance

  • Sam Funchess, Phil Jessar, Robert Kantlehner, Bob Sawyer, Randy White

2 years

  • Paula Fowler, John Englar, Gary Grandon, Carey Pahel

4 years

  • Larry Moore, Eric Perdew

6 years

  • Bobby Bain, John Rosser, Doug Copeland (6 out of 7 years)

7 years

  • Lori Haddock, Jeanne Tannebaum

10 years

  • Orton Jones, Jerry Ruskin

13 years

  • Brett Weathersbee

14 years

  • Carl Ashby

19 years

  • Judy Peters

20 years

  • Steve Warren

27 years

  • Jay Lambeth

38 years

  • Hunter Galloway –  talk about dedication, Hunter participated in the club meet last week while in the Ozarks, where is was participating in the Grand American World Trapshooting Championships!

Lifetime (70 years and counting)

  • Tom Cochran

In June of 2018, the Greensboro Rotary Board of Directors named the Perfect Attendance award in honor of Tom Cochran. At that time, Tom had attended the Rotary Club of Greensboro for 68 years with perfect attendance. In recognition of his tireless devotion, Tom was granted “Lifetime Perfect Attendance” such that whether he was present in person or in spirit, he is marked present for all club meetings. Tom also served as our club’s president in 1980-81.