You were asked, you responded: Hurricane Ida Relief

Club members, such as E.O. Ferrell and Robert Kanthlehner were making donations before they knew the details. They just knew that our club would do something to support the relief efforts after Hurricane Ida. 

Rotarian Marcus Thomas and Mount Zion Baptist Church, where he is the Dream Team Director, put their dream team into action to serve residents of LaPlace, Louisiana, after Hurricane Ida. An email was sent to the club asking for donated items and funding. Individual club members responded and contributed $3,154 toward the purchase of supplies. The Donations Committee, chaired by Freddy Robinson, also reviewed a grant request in record time and recommended to the Board of Directors that our Foundation also contribute $5,000 to the effort. This all happened in about a 48-hour period.

In total, our club contributed $8,154 to purchase supplies that Volvo Trucks, in partnership with Mount Zion, transported to Louisiana. Marcus and other church volunteers also headed to Louisiana to help distribute the items.