Happy 100th Birthday, Walter “Sticky” Burch!

President Larry Moore, Walter “Sticky” Burch, and Jodi Lorenzo-Schibley

Today, we celebrated 100 years, plus a few days, of a life well lived. If you are fortunate enough to know Walter “Sticky” Burch, you know this to be true.

In addition to remarks by President Larry Moore, Sticky’s long-time friend and fellow Rotary Sergeant at Arms, Sherrill Hall provided comments for the occasion. Rotarian Daniel Crupi, COO of the Greensboro Symphony Orchestra, led us all in a joyful singing of Happy Birthday!

A Rotary personalized birthday cake and special cookies were provided by Jodi Lorenzo-Schibley and A Sweet Success! Bakery, a program of Sanctuary House, a non-profit organization that facilitates the recovery of adults with serious mental illness, for providing a Rotary personalized birthday cake and special cookies in honor of Sticky!

Below is a link to the Oral History interview with Sticky that was previously published.