Greensboro Rotary’s Angel Flight Team Helps Prostate Cancer Patient

By Warren Ludlam, Contributor

Greensboro Rotary/Angel Flight team pilot Ray Burton (center) and patient (L)​.

Greensboro Rotary’s support of the club’s Angel Flight fuel fund program continues to play an important role in helping fly cancer patients, burn survivor children, tumor patients, organ donors,

transplant patients, Victory Junction campers, and others dealing with serious medical issues.

Recently, our newest Rotary/Angel Flight team pilot Ray Burton flew a prostate cancer patient from Greensboro to Atlanta…on his way home to Mobile, AL, with the assistance of Angel Flight following treatment by specialists at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in Baltimore.

Donations by the Greensboro Rotary Club Foundation are used by our volunteer pilot team to provide the fuel for their private planes on Angel Flight missions, enabling them to offer aid to people in need through our club’s support and service. The flights by Greensboro Rotary’s pilots benefit chronically ill children, adults, and active and veteran military personnel by making available free air transportation to/from their specialized medical appointments and for reasons of compassion.