Greensboro Rotary Foundation Supports Healthy Eating for Health Lives

Pat Vreeland, a Rotarian, a sustainer with the Junior League of Greensboro, and a past president for both organizations, sponsored a grant application to our Rotary Club’s Donations Committee for the Healthy Eating for Healthy Lives project done by the Junior League of Greensboro this year. The project has two target areas:  income compromised seniors served at the Greensboro Farmers Market and healthy snacks with take home nutrition education for kids and parents from the Kids in the Kitchen component.

Photos below show children in the Kids in the Kitchen project participating in healthy snack and nutrition education by creating a happy face rice, peanut butter reindeer, and playing a food groups game.

Rotary’s grant also helped to double each participating income challenged senior’s monthly $24 voucher from the Guilford Senior Services food insecurity program to enable the purchase of more healthy fresh foods from the Farmer’s Market.