Carousel Works Featured on NBC News

Carousel Works in Mansfield, OH, the company that is creating and building the Rotary Club of Greensboro Carousel was recently featured on NBC News with Harry Smith. While the story did not mention our Carousel, owners and master craftsmen, Marilyn and Art Ritchie, were fast at work on several of the figures that will be on our Carousel. Watch the video and keep an eye out for the following figures:

  • Dart Frog, sponsored by Linda & John Englar
  • Red Panda, sponsored by Shirley & Gary Nixon
  • Shark, sponsored by the Kiwanis Club of Greensboro
  • Labrador, sponsored by Susan & Freddy Robinson
  • Hippo, sponsor to be announced
  • Armadillo, sponsored by Jane Rosen-Grandon & Gary Grandon
  • Flamingo, sponsored by Trudy & John Krege
  • Clownfish, sponsored by Marty & John Rosser

Several of the horses that will be on the ride are shown in the video as well, but at this point, we are unable to accurately identify them. Of the 56 figures on the Carousel, about a dozen will be horses, including Mary Gay & Don Brady‘s horse, “Affirmed”; Dina & Burney Jennings‘s horse “Biscuit”; and, of course, the Carousel would not be complete without General Greene’s Horse.