Bringing Home the Boss Hog Award – Pigstock 2017 Champions

by Skip Purcell, Contributor

Greensboro Rotary Club competed in all seven categories of the annual Pigstock, a BBQ Competition held on October 28, 2017, among Rotary Clubs and other organizations in Greensboro benefiting the Children of Vietnam. The seven competition categories are: Pork, Ribs, Brisket, Chili, Chicken, Side, and Dessert. Greensboro Rotary placed 1st in Brisket, 2nd in Side, and 2nd Ribs. Our club was also awarded the Boss Hog Award for having the most overall points in all categories.

Volunteers included Skip Purcell, Warren Ludlam, TA Smith, Sam Funchess, Lori Haddock, Josh Cotton, Pat Vreeland, Robert Kantlehner, Randy White, Jodi Lorenzo-Schibley, and Bobby Bain.