A Rotarian’s Legacy – Buddy Weill’s Gift to the Community

Charles L. “Buddy” Weill, Jr., passed away last year. His name will always be a part of our past . . . and our future. It was recently announced that Buddy left his entire estate, $50 million, to establish an endowment to support capital expansions and improvements of facilities that support eldercare and health care.

Buddy chose the Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro to help make his dream of supporting the care of the elderly population in Greensboro a reality. Walker Sanders, also a Greensboro Rotarian, serves as President of CFGG.  Ross Harris, yet another Greensboro Rotarian, serves as the Director of Communications and Marketing for CFGG has shared Buddy’s story through a tribute video. Instrumental in telling the story was, John Rosser, of course, also a Greensboro Rotarian.  The 12-minute video can be VIEWED HERE.

The horse sponsored by Buddy Weill at the Rotary Club of Greensboro Carousel.

Upon Buddy’s death last year, the following tribute appeared on this website:

Buddy had been a member or the Rotary Club of Greensboro since 1961 and served as our president in 1984-85.  A little over a decade ago, Buddy sat down with an oral history interviewer from the UNC Greensboro University Libraries to share his story. The interview was conducted over two different sessions and are a part of the special collections Preserving Our History: Rotary Club of Greensboro.

Below are links to the transcripts of the two interviews:



The full collection of Greensboro Rotary oral histories can be found on the UNCG Libraries website.