Greensboro Rotary Volunteers + Club Funds = Clean Water in Kenya

Greensboro Rotarians Ron Wilson and
John Krege have been working for several
years on helping communities in Kenya have
clean water. Contaminated water sources are
a widespread problem and water-borne
diseases are common and often deadly.
Sometimes, the solution for a community is as
simple as an inexpensive filter system.
Ron and John are returning to Kenya in
June with a volunteer team to do some more
projects. John has found a new water filter
that they can take with them to Kenya and
install in containers. The cost of the filter and
the container is about $50. They will be
working in Nkanga, a remote area with a
school with 130 students and 100 families;
it gets its water from a contaminated stream.
The team’s goal is to install filters in each
home and several at the school. Follow-up
involved monitoring the health of the students
to see what difference the filters make in their
The team will also visit the Chania Valley
slum area in Nyeri, where they had previously
run a city water line into the slum and
installed two water outlets. Before this, the
area’s only source of water was a polluted
river running through the valley. The annual
cost for the water is about $1,000, but the
line provides clean water to some 300 people.
Greensboro Rotary has helped fund these
water projects through the Foundation and
through grants from club funds as part of our
International Service projects.
Water projects are a focus of Rotary Inter national
and there are two stories in the March
2012 issue of The Rotarian on water issues
in different parts of the world. Clean
water from the tap at will is second nature to
us, but not to millions of others.